Hi, my name is Carl, same as Carl in The Walking Dead.  This is my favorite show. I totally dig the actors and the zombies. I watched the first season eating popcorn, sitting on the edge of my seat. The zombies started out scary and more realistic, even a little jumpy at times. It’s funny how as the season goes on, there are certain characters you’re wishing would just hurry up and die.

So, I love TWD, and scary movies too. I totally love my popcorn and iced tea. My pile of pillows and bean bags are a necessity. And I usually have  a snickers bar near by. My pal Gus is always nearby begging for my popcorn. Yeah he’s a dog that loves popcorn. He does tricks for it even. I’m a twenty year old guy, I’m working on becoming a professional bass fisherman. Don’t get me started on that. I can tell fish stories like no other. I enjoy video games such as Call of Duty, and I do read occasionally. Yeah, you guessed it, Stephen King is one of my favorites. That’s me.

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