The Governor Is Coming!

The Governor is coming, and its not a good thing. He wants to take over the prison and rick isn’t letting it go. Soon the Governor shows up and Rick of course thinks he is going to talk about it. Totally crazy I know. So the Governor shows up in his jeep, tow truck and tons of other 4 wheel drives. Lots of people here. Most of the Governor’s people have no idea what he’s up to. They think he’s a totally fair guy just wanting a little help for his people. They think he’s a fair guy. But happens next will totally surprise you! He came here to kill them all…kids and all! What a horrible excuse for a human being. Rick and his crew are smart. They have set a trap for the governor and his people. They shoot some stuff up and destroy some fences. And of course they end up breaking into the prison and low and behold there is nobody there. This is when the plan comes full fold and you hear doors closing in the prison. Long story short a few people died. Typical walking dead style. The governors people ends up retreated. The governor chases his people down as they are retreating. And this is where the governors true colors show. He slaughters all but two people that are with him. This scene ends with the governor driving off with the last two guys looking petrified. Rick and the gang decide they want to finish this they go to the Woodbury. On their way they find the slaughter and one of the people are still alive to let then know what the governor did, When they arrive at Woodbury they find that all of the people there were not aggressive. The Woodbury people realize they have been mislead by the Governor. Now the community at the prison has grown immensely.

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