The Phone is Ringing…

Hey guys! So the phone is ringing and Rick answers it. The woman on the line names off a few people Rick has talked to and later we realize he’s talking to his dead wife Lori. He tells her he is sorry for not working out their problems and he feels bad for the way things ended. He tells her how much he loves her and how sorry he is. So he basically finds closure. Merle finds Maggie and Glen in town getting baby formula and takes them hostage back to Woodbury.

Andrea and the Governor are getting together after they’e drank some whiskey. Merle interrupts them and the tells the Governor he brought back some people that Andrea knows. Andrea doesn’t know.

Daryl finds Carol in one of the rooms, and she is still alive. He carries her out. They go outside and Rick is holding the baby outside. They see Michonne covered in corps goo. She has supplies so they let her in. ….





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