“Say the Word”

T he Woodbury people are having a party that the governor has put on for them. Andrea is loving life again, relaxed and safe within the walls. She’s talking to friends and neighbors enjoying herself while Michonne is checking herself into the governors house to do some snooping. She goes in to find her sword which is hanging in the case. She hears the governor talking to his assistants Milton and merle about the walkers. Michonne finds a bunch of locked up walkers missing teeth and she kills them all.

Later on the governor asks michonne to stay. She threatens to kill him with her sword up to his neck. Andrea and Michonne are ready to leave and then Andrea decides she cant handle leaving and doesn’t want to try and survive outside the fence. Its tough to live out there and watch your back at all times and she tries to get Michonne to stay with her but Michonne says she needs to leave. She cant live here.

The town has a gathering in the square to watch toothless walkers fight with residents. It was very disturbing especially for Andrea since it was so important to be on the inside and find they are using the walkers for toys and games. She gets upset and seems to be annoyed about the whole thing.

Rick isn’t himself and is struggling with the death of laurie and then having this newborn child that basically took her life. He goes out and kills walkers and so Daryl and Maggie go get formula for the baby. Glenn, Axel and Oscar dig grave spots for T-dog and Laurie. Rick goes to the boiler room where laurie died and the old rotary phone begins ringing and Rick answers it.



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