“Killer Within”

This episode starts with someone on the outside of the prison, breaking chains that keep the walkers out. And then many walkers make their way into the prison setting off alarms.  Daryl and Rick head out into the prison to stop them. They really tackle the zombies and brains are flying everywhere, very disgusting scene. Glenn takes a machete and slices a zombie’s head right in half sideways!

Everyone is splitting up. Lori, Maggie and Carl go one way and are trapped in the inner part of the prison. T-dog and Carol go another way. And Rick, Daryl and the prison inmate head in  another. T-Dog is bitten by a walker trying to protect Carol. He guides her to an exit and in order for her to get out he gives himself to the walkers. He stands there and lets them kill him with some more gross shots of the walkers ripping him apart and taking out is throat. Blood everywhere! And that’s the end of T-Dog!

Lori goes into labor while stuck in the inner part of the prison with Maggie and Carl. Lori cannot deliver the baby, and she is bleeding internally. Maggie decides she needs to preform the cesarean, which means Lori will die. They show the scar from which she got from her delivery with Carl. Carl hugs her one last time and then the baby is pulled out of her. Carl then shoots his already dead mother in the head to be sure she doesn’t come back as a walker. Rick sees Carl and Maggie walking out of the prison with the baby and Rick loses it knowing Lori is dead. Many of us somehow thought Lori might make it, and some of us thought the killer within would be the baby. This show keeps twisting and twisting…


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