So episode 3, “Sick” starts out with Hershel being unconscious and Maggie and Glen taking care of him. While in another cell Rick, T-Dog and Daryl are dealing with the territorial inmates. Rick tries explaining to the inmates that help isn’t coming and tells them all about the Walking Dead. These guys were kept all good and safe here in the prison. They have no idea whats going on on the outside. Rick lets them all know in a hurry that he is in charge and he will kill them if need be. They’d better stay out of his away and stay away from his people. Rick ends up making a deal with them to help them clean out a cell for half of the food left in the kitchen and they seem to think that’s a good deal. Laurie and Rick continue to argue and not really talk but not really get along. Carl ends up mad at his mother and runs off. This had to be one of the most stressful episodes so far. I mean letting criminals loose around normal people. These guys seem to be sick and twisted, if that’s even possible with all of these walkers running around. I just worry about what these guys will do and hope and pray they don’t touch Beth. They do make me nervous. So how long do you think they’ll keep this prison before someone else wants it? Hopefully they have man power to protect it and keep these criminals behind bars. I’m hoping Hershel wakes up soon. That poor man just takes care of everyone else and now he’s out and we’re not sure if he’s going to make it. I just love this character. Well see you guys next time.

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