Season 3..

Season 3 begins with Rick and the rest of the crew finding the prison. Yeahhh! This is going to give them protection and possibly food! And with Lori growing and getting closer to giving birth to her baby she needs a safe place to stay. They begin checking out the prison and find so many walkers in there. It’s major cleanup time. What a mess! There are zombie bodies everywhere. Rick is having thoughts and seems to be angry that Lori could be pregnant with Shane’s baby. He is bitter and he doesn’t speak to her much, but yet he is trying to hold things together and still trying to find the right place for her to give birth.

Back in the woods Andrea who fled the farm was saved by Michonne and now we see her, with her two zombies that are missing arms and have no teeth. She keeps them on a leash and as she walks by other zombies, they don’t even notice her. She blends in. So Michonne saves Andrea with her samurai sword,  as Andrea is exhausted and too tired to fight. They decide to stick together. Andrea is sick with some kind of flu and she is burning up with a fever. Michonne tries to nurse her back to health.

Sheriff Rick Grimes and  Deputy Daryl, and the rest of the group which is down to ten people. We have Lori, Carl, Maggie, Hershel ,Beth,  Glenn, Carol, T-Dog and Daryl. Everyone but Beth is learning to fight the zombies and they’re getting really good at it! Even Hershel is fighting them. Rick needs to find supplies for Lori for when she goes into labor. He keeps finding guns and riot helmets so he decides its time to go deeper into the dark prison. Glen and Maggie become separated from the rest of the group and while Hershel tries to find them he is bitten my a walker!

Rick quickly amputates Hershe’ls leg with a hatchet. This veterinarian needs to be around to deliver Lori’s baby. It was the nastiest cutting, Rick looked absolutely crazy and poor Hershel goes unconscious from blood loss. Then they find inmates who have been locked into the kitchen of the prison who watched Rick cut Hershels leg off. They have this scared/ omg look on their faces and they are definitely not walkers.  And so it begins..we now have inmates who are obviously bad guys added to the mix. Let’s see how this goes, in episode 2.

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