Hey all!

How’s it going? So I wanted to say “Hey” and talk a bit about my favorite show, The Walking Dead. This blog will be about The Walking Dead and probably every other one of my favorite and maybe a few movies that I dig.


So, TWD started out kind of creepy, waking up in the hospital alone with the walkers. Ha! I never thought Rick would ever find his wife and son again, none the less with his best friend,  Shane. That dude had some issues…crazy as shit. I waited and waited for Rick to just shoot him already. And Merle, that guy was an absolute freak. And well, after Rick met him and found him to be a bit crazy, he hand cuffed him to a pipe on the roof of an abandoned building. There was a guy who was supposed to un cuff him at the last minute but just so happened to drop the key down the water drain! I never expected him to cut his own arm off to get loose! He soon got away and joined the governor. Another crazy. I really liked the first season.

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