The Governor Is Coming!

The Governor is coming, and its not a good thing. He wants to take over the prison and rick isn’t letting it go. Soon the Governor shows up and Rick of course thinks he is going to talk about it. Totally crazy I know. So the Governor shows up in his jeep, tow truck and tons of other 4 wheel drives. Lots of people here. Most of the Governor’s people have no idea what he’s up to. They think he’s a totally fair guy just wanting a little help for his people. They think he’s a fair guy. But happens next will totally surprise you! He came here to kill them all…kids and all! What a horrible excuse for a human being. Rick and his crew are smart. They have set a trap for the governor and his people. They shoot some stuff up and destroy some fences. And of course they end up breaking into the prison and low and behold there is nobody there. This is when the plan comes full fold and you hear doors closing in the prison. Long story short a few people died. Typical walking dead style. The governors people ends up retreated. The governor chases his people down as they are retreating. And this is where the governors true colors show. He slaughters all but two people that are with him. This scene ends with the governor driving off with the last two guys looking petrified. Rick and the gang decide they want to finish this they go to the Woodbury. On their way they find the slaughter and one of the people are still alive to let then know what the governor did, When they arrive at Woodbury they find that all of the people there were not aggressive. The Woodbury people realize they have been mislead by the Governor. Now the community at the prison has grown immensely.

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So, really, what did you guys think of that farm house?!

So, really, what did you guys think of that farmhouse?! It was the perfect home…but guess what! I know of this guy who built a farmhouse, that looks just like that one! So, he’s a carpenter guy that totally digs farmhouses. He was quite excited to build this young couples dream home, to look like the farmhouse in the Walking Dead. The funny thing is he built the barn too, down in the field. Noooo walkers though! It’s gorgeous. So Builders Maine is where its at.

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The Phone is Ringing…

Hey guys! So the phone is ringing and Rick answers it. The woman on the line names off a few people Rick has talked to and later we realize he’s talking to his dead wife Lori. He tells her he is sorry for not working out their problems and he feels bad for the way things ended. He tells her how much he loves her and how sorry he is. So he basically finds closure. Merle finds Maggie and Glen in town getting baby formula and takes them hostage back to Woodbury.

Andrea and the Governor are getting together after they’e drank some whiskey. Merle interrupts them and the tells the Governor he brought back some people that Andrea knows. Andrea doesn’t know.

Daryl finds Carol in one of the rooms, and she is still alive. He carries her out. They go outside and Rick is holding the baby outside. They see Michonne covered in corps goo. She has supplies so they let her in. ….





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“Say the Word”

T he Woodbury people are having a party that the governor has put on for them. Andrea is loving life again, relaxed and safe within the walls. She’s talking to friends and neighbors enjoying herself while Michonne is checking herself into the governors house to do some snooping. She goes in to find her sword which is hanging in the case. She hears the governor talking to his assistants Milton and merle about the walkers. Michonne finds a bunch of locked up walkers missing teeth and she kills them all.

Later on the governor asks michonne to stay. She threatens to kill him with her sword up to his neck. Andrea and Michonne are ready to leave and then Andrea decides she cant handle leaving and doesn’t want to try and survive outside the fence. Its tough to live out there and watch your back at all times and she tries to get Michonne to stay with her but Michonne says she needs to leave. She cant live here.

The town has a gathering in the square to watch toothless walkers fight with residents. It was very disturbing especially for Andrea since it was so important to be on the inside and find they are using the walkers for toys and games. She gets upset and seems to be annoyed about the whole thing.

Rick isn’t himself and is struggling with the death of laurie and then having this newborn child that basically took her life. He goes out and kills walkers and so Daryl and Maggie go get formula for the baby. Glenn, Axel and Oscar dig grave spots for T-dog and Laurie. Rick goes to the boiler room where laurie died and the old rotary phone begins ringing and Rick answers it.



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“Killer Within”

This episode starts with someone on the outside of the prison, breaking chains that keep the walkers out. And then many walkers make their way into the prison setting off alarms.  Daryl and Rick head out into the prison to stop them. They really tackle the zombies and brains are flying everywhere, very disgusting scene. Glenn takes a machete and slices a zombie’s head right in half sideways!

Everyone is splitting up. Lori, Maggie and Carl go one way and are trapped in the inner part of the prison. T-dog and Carol go another way. And Rick, Daryl and the prison inmate head in  another. T-Dog is bitten by a walker trying to protect Carol. He guides her to an exit and in order for her to get out he gives himself to the walkers. He stands there and lets them kill him with some more gross shots of the walkers ripping him apart and taking out is throat. Blood everywhere! And that’s the end of T-Dog!

Lori goes into labor while stuck in the inner part of the prison with Maggie and Carl. Lori cannot deliver the baby, and she is bleeding internally. Maggie decides she needs to preform the cesarean, which means Lori will die. They show the scar from which she got from her delivery with Carl. Carl hugs her one last time and then the baby is pulled out of her. Carl then shoots his already dead mother in the head to be sure she doesn’t come back as a walker. Rick sees Carl and Maggie walking out of the prison with the baby and Rick loses it knowing Lori is dead. Many of us somehow thought Lori might make it, and some of us thought the killer within would be the baby. This show keeps twisting and twisting…


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So episode 3, “Sick” starts out with Hershel being unconscious and Maggie and Glen taking care of him. While in another cell Rick, T-Dog and Daryl are dealing with the territorial inmates. Rick tries explaining to the inmates that help isn’t coming and tells them all about the Walking Dead. These guys were kept all good and safe here in the prison. They have no idea whats going on on the outside. Rick lets them all know in a hurry that he is in charge and he will kill them if need be. They’d better stay out of his away and stay away from his people. Rick ends up making a deal with them to help them clean out a cell for half of the food left in the kitchen and they seem to think that’s a good deal. Laurie and Rick continue to argue and not really talk but not really get along. Carl ends up mad at his mother and runs off. This had to be one of the most stressful episodes so far. I mean letting criminals loose around normal people. These guys seem to be sick and twisted, if that’s even possible with all of these walkers running around. I just worry about what these guys will do and hope and pray they don’t touch Beth. They do make me nervous. So how long do you think they’ll keep this prison before someone else wants it? Hopefully they have man power to protect it and keep these criminals behind bars. I’m hoping Hershel wakes up soon. That poor man just takes care of everyone else and now he’s out and we’re not sure if he’s going to make it. I just love this character. Well see you guys next time.

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Season 3..

Season 3 begins with Rick and the rest of the crew finding the prison. Yeahhh! This is going to give them protection and possibly food! And with Lori growing and getting closer to giving birth to her baby she needs a safe place to stay. They begin checking out the prison and find so many walkers in there. It’s major cleanup time. What a mess! There are zombie bodies everywhere. Rick is having thoughts and seems to be angry that Lori could be pregnant with Shane’s baby. He is bitter and he doesn’t speak to her much, but yet he is trying to hold things together and still trying to find the right place for her to give birth.

Back in the woods Andrea who fled the farm was saved by Michonne and now we see her, with her two zombies that are missing arms and have no teeth. She keeps them on a leash and as she walks by other zombies, they don’t even notice her. She blends in. So Michonne saves Andrea with her samurai sword,  as Andrea is exhausted and too tired to fight. They decide to stick together. Andrea is sick with some kind of flu and she is burning up with a fever. Michonne tries to nurse her back to health.

Sheriff Rick Grimes and  Deputy Daryl, and the rest of the group which is down to ten people. We have Lori, Carl, Maggie, Hershel ,Beth,  Glenn, Carol, T-Dog and Daryl. Everyone but Beth is learning to fight the zombies and they’re getting really good at it! Even Hershel is fighting them. Rick needs to find supplies for Lori for when she goes into labor. He keeps finding guns and riot helmets so he decides its time to go deeper into the dark prison. Glen and Maggie become separated from the rest of the group and while Hershel tries to find them he is bitten my a walker!

Rick quickly amputates Hershe’ls leg with a hatchet. This veterinarian needs to be around to deliver Lori’s baby. It was the nastiest cutting, Rick looked absolutely crazy and poor Hershel goes unconscious from blood loss. Then they find inmates who have been locked into the kitchen of the prison who watched Rick cut Hershels leg off. They have this scared/ omg look on their faces and they are definitely not walkers.  And so it begins..we now have inmates who are obviously bad guys added to the mix. Let’s see how this goes, in episode 2.

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Season 2 Finale

The barn was set on fire by Rick and Carl once they captured the walkers in there. Everyone leaves in groups of 2 or 3. They all seem to find each other later once they get to the highway and then again at a makeshift camp. They all get together and realize that Patricia( Otis’ wife) was killed by walkers and nobody had heard from Andrea and assumed she was dead. Meanwhile Andrea was running on foot, and managed to get away from the farm with all of those walkers. There were so many walkers and it is because of the helicopter that flew over head that day. Anyways Andrea became so tired and worn out from fighting all of these walkers on her own that she just didn’t have any fight left. She was barely hanging on when walkers were again attacking her and from out of no where a person in a hooded cloak with a sword comes in from no where and kills them. It’s Michonne and she has two armless walkers on a chain leash as her protection. How cool is that?! So, she saved Andrea and they hunt and walk together. And then we see the prison in the background and that’s the end of season 2.

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Back on the Farm

So, let’s get back to the farm and Hershel, at some point during the show Hershel and his family became key players. Hershel was very upset with the fact the people could be cured and they were still there. He was really hanging on to that hope. Probably the last positive contribution Shane made was in advert, he shot that woman.  It made Hershel realize the walkers were not people, they were something different. That allowed him to face reality. And of course they had the scene where Hershel was working through it in his own way. Which I believe was the first time, that somebody was actually shot as a living person. Then you see the humane side of Hershel, when you see somebody was trying to shoot at them in the bar. And then the kid they had saved, Shane used for bait to set up Rick. And long story short, Shane exits the show. Rick initially shoots him and then he comes back as a zombie and Carl takes care of him. Then the whole herd shows up. Carl and Rick make it back to the house, well to the barn, and set it on fire. Everybody starts running except for Hershel, who stands there shooting endless bullets from his shot gun. Which seems to be the biggest issue for people watching the show ha-ha! More people were more caught up with the endless bullets and not so much with the zombies eating people.

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What did you guys think of…

Hey guys! So I was thinking about TWD, and what did you guys think of the farmhouse? It was great right!? The farmhouse is where we almost lost Carl but did lose Sophia. I know I worried about her in the woods fighting the walkers. What a stressful time. I think it’s so much harder to watch the kids involved, and I know they have to show them. But ughhh! So, we lost Sophia and the worst part was when Rick had to shoot her. Heart breaking, I know. We also lost Otis. Shane killed him on the supply run for Carl’s surgery meds and tools. Shane is showing his craziness more so now. He’s doing all he can to protect Carl and Laurie. He loves them and he’ll protect them unlike Rick. He’ll stop at nothing.  I’ll catch you guys later!

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