So, really, what did you guys think of that farm house?!

So, really, what did you guys think of that farmhouse?! It was the perfect home…but guess what! I know of this guy who built a farmhouse, that looks just like that one! So, he’s a carpenter guy that totally digs farmhouses. He was quite excited to build this young couples dream home, to look like the farmhouse in the Walking Dead. The funny thing is he built the barn too, down in the field. Noooo walkers though! It’s gorgeous. So Builders Maine is where its at.

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Back on the Farm

So, let’s get back to the farm and Hershel, at some point during the show Hershel and his family became key players. Hershel was very upset with the fact the people could be cured and they were still there. He was really hanging on to that hope. Probably the last positive contribution Shane made was in advert, he shot that woman.  It made Hershel realize the walkers were not people, they were something different. That allowed him to face reality. And of course they had the scene where Hershel was working through it in his own way. Which I believe was the first time, that somebody was actually shot as a living person. Then you see the humane side of Hershel, when you see somebody was trying to shoot at them in the bar. And then the kid they had saved, Shane used for bait to set up Rick. And long story short, Shane exits the show. Rick initially shoots him and then he comes back as a zombie and Carl takes care of him. Then the whole herd shows up. Carl and Rick make it back to the house, well to the barn, and set it on fire. Everybody starts running except for Hershel, who stands there shooting endless bullets from his shot gun. Which seems to be the biggest issue for people watching the show ha-ha! More people were more caught up with the endless bullets and not so much with the zombies eating people.

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What did you guys think of…

Hey guys! So I was thinking about TWD, and what did you guys think of the farmhouse? It was great right!? The farmhouse is where we almost lost Carl but did lose Sophia. I know I worried about her in the woods fighting the walkers. What a stressful time. I think it’s so much harder to watch the kids involved, and I know they have to show them. But ughhh! So, we lost Sophia and the worst part was when Rick had to shoot her. Heart breaking, I know. We also lost Otis. Shane killed him on the supply run for Carl’s surgery meds and tools. Shane is showing his craziness more so now. He’s doing all he can to protect Carl and Laurie. He loves them and he’ll protect them unlike Rick. He’ll stop at nothing.  I’ll catch you guys later!

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Hey all!

How’s it going? So I wanted to say “Hey” and talk a bit about my favorite show, The Walking Dead. This blog will be about The Walking Dead and probably every other one of my favorite and maybe a few movies that I dig.


So, TWD started out kind of creepy, waking up in the hospital alone with the walkers. Ha! I never thought Rick would ever find his wife and son again, none the less with his best friend,  Shane. That dude had some issues…crazy as shit. I waited and waited for Rick to just shoot him already. And Merle, that guy was an absolute freak. And well, after Rick met him and found him to be a bit crazy, he hand cuffed him to a pipe on the roof of an abandoned building. There was a guy who was supposed to un cuff him at the last minute but just so happened to drop the key down the water drain! I never expected him to cut his own arm off to get loose! He soon got away and joined the governor. Another crazy. I really liked the first season.

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Hey guys! Just wanted to say hi and my name is Carl. Yep just like the kid in The Walking Dead. :-) My favorite show ever! I’m their biggest fan. This show seems to have so many twists and turns and I always find myself on the edge of my seat. So I thought I’d just pop in here and introduce myself. Check back soon for more.

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